Dental Payment Plan Platform

Commission-free platform for dentists to manage

in-house financing plans.

Dentists Only

Easily offer your own in-house financing plans on our platform. Set the amount, the total number of payments, and enjoy the ease of automated recurring payments.
  • Set Your Interest Rate
  • Set Your Late Fee
  • Define Installment Schedule


Track client payments

Easily create, view, and manage payment plans. With automated billing and payments, you don't have to worry about contacting the patient to collect payments.

minimize expense

Avoid a third party system that takes a commission from you. Offer your own payment plan for $59/ month.

automated tasks

With automatic billing reminders and payments, your team can focus more on patient care instead of manual payments and tracking methods.

Cloud Access

Our HIPAA compliant platform allows the practice and patients to quickly access account details, update payment information, and make payments 24/7.



Define Installment Plan


Provide the terms for the payment installment plan.

Amount Due – Initial Payment  Duration – Interest Rate


Customer Info


Complete the patient’s personal contact information.

Name – Address – Email


Automated Payments


Complete the payment plan by providing the payment information. This payment method will be applied to future recurring payments.




Review the terms and Payment Schedules prior to creating the plan. Email notifications are provided updating received payments and upcoming charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment installment plans are designed to help your patient break up a large bill into smaller payments. Simply choose the length of time to repay, the total amount to be paid, optional interest and any down payments and the system will create a simple and clear payment plan for the patient to understand. 

The payment installment plan feature is an addtional $49 /month for practices with the Grayjax Practice Accelerate or Practice Plus plan. Practices with the Practice Premier has this feature included for free. Practices without a Grayjax patient membership plan will pay $89 /month.

There is a processing fee of  2.9% + $0.30 for credit / debit card transactions.

Yes, it is at the discretion of the practice. There are no credit checks. The system simply bills and collects payments on your behalf automatically. There are no other fees.

When there is a failed payment, the system will notify the patient of the payment failure. There are 3 subsequent tries. Upon the last failure, the practice is notified for collecting from the patient. The system does not forward to a collecting agency automatically.

Click Here to learn how to create a payment plan.

Patient payments are automatically processed. Patients can however manually apply a payment by logging into their account. Click Here to learn how to apply a payment plan on the patient’s behalf. 

Patients can log in their account to update their payment information. The practice can also update the payment information on the patient’s behalf. Click Here to learn more.

Grayjax Plan is a platform for dentists to manage patient payments. Contact Us