Platform FAQs / Info

Family Members / Additional Members
  • A family member can only be added during the initial 30-days of service; This can be done by both the subscriber and provider.
  • You can add a family member during the activation process or after by accessing the account and clicked +Add a Member under the Additional Account Members sub-section.
  • Providers are allowed to remove a family member at any time. (Please note that this will affect the monthly recurring fee)
  • By default, if a family member is removed during the initial month, the system automatically refunds the signup fee and the first month’s bill.
  • It is up to the discretion of the provider if they want to remove a family member after the initial 30 days.
  • A subscriber cannot remove a family member.
  • The maximum number of additional family member(s) is set by the plan associated with the account.
Subscriber Portal
  • The subscriber can only have access to their portal if they have an email address associated with their account.
  • Functions on a subscriber portal:
    • Update address
    • Update email
    • View plan details
    • Add additional family member (if within the first month)
    • Change Auto-Renew status
    • Update credit card information
    • View payment history
    • Change Password
  • A subscriber cannot cancel their account. They can choose to not renew the account once the term has been fulfilled.
  • Only the provider can cancel an account at any time.
  • Only the provider can convert a “Credit-Card Payment” account into an “In Person Payments” account.
Activating an Account with a Past Start Date.
  • This function is primary used as a way to transfer an account from “Pen and Paper” onto the GrayJax platform.
  • When the Plan Start Date has a date in the past, the system will assume that all signup fee(s) and any recurring fee(s) have been collected up to the present billing cycle.
  • After the account has been created, the next billing cycle will be calculated as normal.
  • This feature can be also be used to “by-pass” the signup fee and the first month’s bill.